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Averești Estates

The fruit of the over 650 ha of vineyards that stretches over the Averesti Domains is transformed with passion skill and expertise in fresh, radiant and aromatic wines.

Every year we begin the same path, as in a continuous procession: we care for the vineyards, we collect the grapes that we turn into wines to delight all the senses. Each year.

To meet the challenge of creating special wines, to be appreciated in Romania and abroad, significant investments were needed in plantations and wine cellars, which exceeded 20 million euros.

At this time, the Averesti Domains owns 650 hectares of noble vineyards and is one of the largest vineyards in Romania.

The new cellar, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, comprises four main areas:

  • production area – fermentation, with a capacity of 1 million liters;
  • conditioning and storage area, with a capacity of 5 million liters;
  • bottling area with a capacity of 1200 bottles / hour;
  • area for wine maturing, in bottles and barriques.

These areas observe the tradition of making wine and have been continually improved to facilitate the transformation of the vineyard grapes into a distinct, modern wine that reflects the typical nature of its area.

In the first stage the grapes are harvested in various stages of ripening, characterized by different levels of sugars and acidity. Harvesting is done both manually and mechanically, starting September 15th and lasting up to 4 weeks.

In the second stage the grapes are macerated at low temperatures, and cold pressing. Then follows grape juice fermentation in stainless steel vessels at controlled temperatures.

The third stage already means the young, white and rose wine, which will be bottled for consumption.

And the final stage consists in the maturation of wine, predominantly red wine and, to a lesser extent, white wine in bottles or barrique.

* Every year, a bottle of the first wine obtained is buried in the coolest place of the cellar, as an offering to the plantations and those who have worked here over the years.

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