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Averești Estates

The cultivation of the vine has always gone hand in hand with the Moldavian hills, the Huși Vineyard being the perfect example of this symbiosis that is lost in time immemorial.

Situated in the south-eastern part of the Central Moldavian Plateau, complemented by a cool climate and nutritious soils, Huși Vineyards totals 3,000 hectares of amazing beauty, ideal for growing grapes of outstanding varieties.

Time has not changed the ancient occupation of the people of the place, the vine culture being taught from father to son for centuries. Huși vineyard bears the mark of the passion and tradition of the community.

Branded wine is not a foreign concept, when we refear to the Huși vineyard. Here we encounter aged valuable varieties such as Huşi Zghihara, Feteasca Regală, Busuioaca de Bohotin, Feteasca Albă, alongside international varieties such as Aligote, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The best of Huşi Vineyard
From the aromatic varieties of the vineyard, uniquely tasting wines come to life every year over the 650 hectares of the Averești vineyard.

By far, the fine spirit that defines Huşi vineyard is the famous Romanian authentic wine of Zghihara. Yellow-greenish grapes with rusty stains, proof of sun-soaking, which gives a light dry white wine, with a sourish taste. The Huşi Zghihara Wine or the Jolly Huşi Fruit, as the locals call it, is not suitable for aging, it is consumed young. It is a high acidity wine, ideal for accompanying seafood and salad meals.

Another jewel of the area is the Feteasca Regală variety, the most widely spread variety in the wine growing regions of our country. Popularly called Dăneşană, because apparently it was discovered in Daneş city (near Mediaş), it is the ‘’youngest’’ of the Feteştilor family.

This variety gives us very pleasant white dry and semi-dry wines, with lots of freshness and intensity. Undoubtedly, the wines of this variety truly deserve the special royal association.

Feteasca Albă is an ancient Romanian variety, which honors the aroma of the grape vine flowers, offering a finely tasteful wine with a moderate acidity. The clusters with small and frequent grape beans are transformed by craftsmanship into dry or semi-dry wines with a balanced alcohol content (vol. 11.5-12%). White Feteasca is recommended to lovers of wines full of elegance and suave flavors.

Busuioaca de Bohotin, a pure Romanian variety that delights us with highly aromatic wines. Avereşti is one of the few wine-growing areas in Romania that transform the red-purple grapes into a memorable Busuioacă rosé. The wine of this vine variety is one of antithesis, being delicate and fine, but with firm features.

Typicality and elegance are some of the attributes of Aligoté wines. A sort of vine with white grape beans, small and succulent, which give a balanced fruity dry wine, with plenty of freshness, which highlights its majestic simplicity.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a sort of grape that although originated in the South-West of France in the seventeenth century, it also quickly found its place at the Huși vineyard region. From the bright red grapes, a dry wine with medium acidity and well-balanced, rich and expressive body is created.

The vine variety Sauvignon Blanc was born a long time ago from the “wild” grapes of the Bordeaux region. This variety of wines are currently valued for their freshness, due to their high acidity and low sugar content.

Sauvignon wine has a yellow colour with brilliant green reflections, being a white wine that finely accompanies appetizers, fish, shellfish and shrimp dishes.

Traminer has its well-deserved place in the beautiful Huși variety range. A variety of large and sweet rosé grapes, Traminer offers a yellowish-green, semi-sweet wine with a strong, fragrant, balanced, aromatic and tender taste.

Of all these varieties of the Huși Vineyard, which have defined their shape on this fruit tolerant Moldovan land, the Avereşti wines impress by uniqueness, being easy to understand but hard to forget.

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