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The Team

Averești Estates

A word of wisdom says the tradition of wine making is a calling that always needs the human touch and emotion. In the Averești domains, we try daily to honour the land and the vine, in order to get year-round wines that are out of the ordinary.

We focus on the Romanian heritage, the most beloved notable varieties in our country – Busuioaca de Bohotin, Zghihara de Huşi, Feteasca Albă, Regală and Neagră, but we also value the international grapes that grow nicely on the Huși soil.

By our dedication, we want to raise the wines of the Huși Vineyard on the highest levels, offering consumers the best of the noble grapes. We are encouraged by the Romanians’ appreciation of the local wines, a very good thing that shows that the perseverance and the passion put into this beautiful viticultural area is reflected in the quality of the wines from the Averești Domains, and the result did not disappoint.

We are enjoying the fact that more and more fine liquor lovers know and taste the wine from Zghihara de Huşi, a native variety we pride ourselves on. Here, in the Averești domains, we craft the stories of Moldova’s past into beautiful, authentic, fresh, and always young wines, and have the faith that a good wine speaks for itself as soon as it has been tasted. A wide smile from our consumers is the most beautiful form of appreciation of the Averești wines and the diligence of the entire team.

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