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Our Mark


Our Mark

Averești Estates

At Averesti, the story begins thousands of years ago, in times when the most valuable asset of men was the fruit of the earth.

Here in Averesti Domain, the vine has deep roots, vine cultivation being part of the culture of the place ever since 5000 years ago.

The elevated altitude, the more acidic forest soil, the cool climate, all these conditions specific to the area shape an ideal microclimate for the vineyards of Avereşti, preserving the acidity and favoring the complexity of flavors in grapes.

The fruit of the over 650 hectares of vineyards spreading over the Avereşti Domains is transformed with passion and skill in fresh, bright and aromatic wines.

Year-on-year we begging the same path as a continuous procession: we take care of the vineyards and collect the fruits that we turn into wines that enchant all senses. Each year.

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