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Averești Estates

On the outskirts of Romania, in the north-eastern region, amidst the sun and grape suffused regions of the Husi vineyard, lies the Averesti Viticulture Center.

The vine has been cultivated here at the heart of the Cucuteni culture area for thousands of years.

Notes of local wines can be found in chroniclers’ manuscripts, and in 1874 Stefan Negruzzi boyar, along with the talented French oenologist René Faure, have intuited that the terroir of the area was special and began to integrate modern viticulture concepts and practices.

The virtue for the rebirth of ancient Romanian varieties, Zghihara and Busuioaca, as well as the introduction of the French varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet or Aligote is due to the Frenchman.

*Every year, a bottle of the first wine obtained is buried in the coolest place of the cellar, as an offering to plantations and those who have worked here throughout time.

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